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RESPUBLICA Coast to Coast

Brakeless, fixed-gear bicycles check points Hills race through the Historical Via Aurelia which link Sestri Levante to Genova.
Distance —> 50 km
Elevation gain —> 1.200 mt
Race course will be announced a couple of days before the event.
(At the discretion of the organizers, the registration will also be granted to those who want to compete with brakes, clearly off charts, and that does not create dangerous situations to other riders)

1st BRAKELESS ——> Alman cicli Custom Steel Track Frame
TATTOO PRIZE by matty da kid

MEET UP h: 12:00 Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante (GE)

FINISH LINE: Genova, Corso Italia (bags transport provided from Sestri Levante to Genova)

ENTRY: 10€ including map, stickers, gadget and race pack.

Bring: Helmet, legs, skills, suitable tires and puncture repairing kit.
As tradition we will provide about Focaccia, Beers and lit racepacks!


Artwork by Guido Gazzaniga


Last month we catched up with Mario of Velokurier Bern, a bike messenger part of a couriers firm which everydays shares all revenues between all the riders. 

Togheter with his buddy Fabio decided to come over for visiting our bloody Riviera. 

They ridden straight from St. Morritz to Milan throught Ghisallo-Tremola-Furka-Grimsell, epic ride thru the Alps. 

We met them in Genova and climbed together Turchino Pass. 

After the steep hills we went for a recovery swimming sesh at Sturla beach.

Thanks dudes for visiting SCVDO.



Genova, aka "The Superba" for the men and fortifications, whose appearance raises it as Queen of the sea.

Brakeless, fixed-gear bicycles check point race.

Mixed terrain course (city, hills, mountains).

Distance 53 km.

Elevation gain 1.900 m.

Race course will be announced a couple of days before the event. 

Map and GPX track will be provided.




(At the discretion of the organizers, the registration will also be granted to those who want to compete with the brake, clearly off the charts, and that does not create hazardous situations for the other racers)

MEET UP H 12:00 @ VILLA CROCE __ Via Jacopo Ruffini, 3.

ENTRY: 10€ including race pack composed by map / stickers / gadget

Also this year bring helmet, legs, skills, suitable tires and puncture repairing kit.

We will think about focaccia, beers and race pack.







It was one of the last week end of the summer and we were bored, and sweaty. The sun was hot, asphalt almost melting and the town was empty and the beaches were full of people.

So we decided to escape from this hot summer clichè organizing a two days base camp at Giacopiane lake, 75 Km far from Genova.

The team was made up by Stefano, Vito, Mattia and Alessandro with the cameras support of Francesco and Nicolò, two kick-ass shooters.

Quick briefing and bike checks , so we headed north through ligurian hinterland. The riding was fast and pretty flat until we reached the junction for the Giacopiane lake climb.

The uphill was insane, it looked liked never-ending. Killer switchbacks and gnarly gradients completed the recipe.

Luckily the climb was full of tree so we could get a break from the summer heat in the shadows.

Once we reached the top, the scenic panorama repaid all efforts. Green hills deployed all over in front of us and that typical smell of undergrowth was filling the air.

Once we choose the sleepover spot and tents were set, riders treated themselves with a dive in the fresh waters. Not so much time to rest as the fireplace was calling for wood and food.

Food supplies were on point (thank Fra and Nico) and a nice characoal bbq was the cherry on top.

Dusk colors were fading away and made room for a star-stuffed sky, a little romance between trap moves and loud speakers.

The night passed, we woke up early and packed all the stuff we rode back to Genova.



- 2 Kgs of ribs

- 10 sausages

- 20 hamburgers

- 4 cases of beer

SCVDO barbecue equipment was ready.

Last month we decided to organize a ride and a proper eating session at Ale's country house located in Cassinelle, province of Alessandria, about 65 Km from Genova city center.

We spread the idea couple of days before to our dudes Nico, Daniele and Filippo.

Filippo from Verona, Nico and Daniele from Milano reached us in Genova on Sunday morning.

The meeting point was Genova train station main square where we waited for all people who dediced to come to this family reunion.

The group ride was fun, easy through the city and then climbing through Passo del Turchino. Nice and fast bread'n'butter hilly section to Ovada (AL) and last côte to reach Cassinelle Village.

Once we hit the final destination, everyone was hungry and thirsty, but we had all the necessary for a proper fiesta.

Mattia managed the whole cooking part, he was great! He leave us stoked with his speciality, "the beer sausage" 

Check all the shots by Frabbah The Hubbah. 

Special mention to Daniela which gave us a little support with the car to help out with food and supplies.


Little flash back of some months ago after Respublica race.

Wilis:"Hey Micc what about if we do an exchange?"

Micc:"Tell me more!"

Wilis:"What if I send you a NO. 22 Great Divide for your Colnago Esamexico?"

Micc:"MAN...That's sick!!!!"

Will:"Cool, but watch the paint of my new bike dude!"

So here we are, the guys at Officina Meccanica Valle made their job on this beautiful titanium road bike.


Frame was born for Mechanical Groupset, but has been adapted to accomodate Shimano Di2.

See below complete assembly details:

  • Frame: N°22 Great Divide
  • Headset: Chris King 
  • Fork: Enve 2.0 Road 40 mm Rake
  • Stem: ENVE 120 mm
  • Dropbar: ENVE compact 42 mm
  • Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070
  • Chainring: Shimano Dura-Ace 52-36
  • Pedals: Garmin Vector2
  • Wheels: ENVE 2.2 Tubular Dura-Ace 11-28 cassette
  • Tubulars: Continental Competition 700 x 25C - Lightweight edition
  • Seatpost: ENVE 25 mm offset
  • Seat Clamp: Thomson 
  • Saddle: Fizik Antares Carbon Braided
  • Bottle Cage: Lightweight EDELHELFER
                                                                                      Bruno OMV's Owner doing last fine tune

                                                                                      Bruno OMV's Owner doing last fine tune

                                                                                            The bike stops the scale at 7 kgs

                                                                                            The bike stops the scale at 7 kgs


Last weekend Daniele called us saying that he would like come to Liguria with his girlfriend and obviously their bikes, to spend a few days at the sea and to leave Milan for a while.

So we decided to organize a ride together to Capreno, not far from Sori where on that particular weekend the famous "sagra delle focaccette" was taking place, roughly 40km from start to finish, just a small trip to have fun.

We met up with Daniele and Camilla at Brignole station where our dudes parked their car and realised that they had locked their bikes inside it and left the keys in Milan.

General silence, and swearing. Our day couldn't be ruined by this unexpected event. We think of contacting Matteo from AV who should've joined us not long after, explaining the situation, and thankfully his headquarter is well equipped with frames and full bikes so Daniele and Camilla managed without too much effort to find the right frames for them.

Problem solved and we are en route to Sori.

For the first time Camilla was brakeless and managed really well.

After a lunch of tipical ligurian products and a few pictures with the landlords, we head back towards the center.

The downhill begins, slopes are hella fun! 

Not satisfied, at the end of the night we decide to test the newly inaugurated KFC.



January 9th we went to Torino to attend MUD MAX 2.

It was a track cross race, no gears and brakes allowed, 5 laps.

The race was sick, we had a lot of fun, lot of falls!

Vito got 23h and Stefano 25th



Despite it was raining, after the race, we still had energies so we decided to have more fun. We asked to local dude Dennis to show us some nice spot for doing nonsese and stupid stuff. Dennis immediately told us where to go and together with Silvia Galliani  we captured those moments.


The 9th of April 2016, we organized our first event.

We decided to make a brakeless, fixed-gear checkpoint race on mixed terrain course (city, hills, mountain and gravel) with a total distance of 53  Km.

Many international riders decided to come and race.

We sent a couple of days before the .gpx track because we had a suggested route for the racers, but everyone was free to choose his best route.

There were 8 check points, all checkpoints had to be made in exact order from 1 to 8.


1. Wilis (Deluxe Cycles)  2. Chas (MASH)  3. Andrea Thedy (Verona)

1. Wilis (Deluxe Cycles)

2. Chas (MASH)

3. Andrea Thedy (Verona)

Here you can watch a nice video edit of the race from Daniele's GoPro.


Photo reportage from:

Nicolò Rombolotti

Biagio Anselmi

Silvia Galliani 

Some weeks later surfing on instagram we saw a sick post of Chas ( about a mini edit of his days spent in Riviera, have a look!

Here instead, you can read a report of the race on

See you next year!