Last weekend Daniele called us saying that he would like come to Liguria with his girlfriend and obviously their bikes, to spend a few days at the sea and to leave Milan for a while.

So we decided to organize a ride together to Capreno, not far from Sori where on that particular weekend the famous "sagra delle focaccette" was taking place, roughly 40km from start to finish, just a small trip to have fun.

We met up with Daniele and Camilla at Brignole station where our dudes parked their car and realised that they had locked their bikes inside it and left the keys in Milan.

General silence, and swearing. Our day couldn't be ruined by this unexpected event. We think of contacting Matteo from AV who should've joined us not long after, explaining the situation, and thankfully his headquarter is well equipped with frames and full bikes so Daniele and Camilla managed without too much effort to find the right frames for them.

Problem solved and we are en route to Sori.

For the first time Camilla was brakeless and managed really well.

After a lunch of tipical ligurian products and a few pictures with the landlords, we head back towards the center.

The downhill begins, slopes are hella fun! 

Not satisfied, at the end of the night we decide to test the newly inaugurated KFC.