- 2 Kgs of ribs

- 10 sausages

- 20 hamburgers

- 4 cases of beer

SCVDO barbecue equipment was ready.

Last month we decided to organize a ride and a proper eating session at Ale's country house located in Cassinelle, province of Alessandria, about 65 Km from Genova city center.

We spread the idea couple of days before to our dudes Nico, Daniele and Filippo.

Filippo from Verona, Nico and Daniele from Milano reached us in Genova on Sunday morning.

The meeting point was Genova train station main square where we waited for all people who dediced to come to this family reunion.

The group ride was fun, easy through the city and then climbing through Passo del Turchino. Nice and fast bread'n'butter hilly section to Ovada (AL) and last cรดte to reach Cassinelle Village.

Once we hit the final destination, everyone was hungry and thirsty, but we had all the necessary for a proper fiesta.

Mattia managed the whole cooking part, he was great! He leave us stoked with his speciality, "the beer sausage" 

Check all the shots by Frabbah The Hubbah. 

Special mention to Daniela which gave us a little support with the car to help out with food and supplies.