It was one of the last week end of the summer and we were bored, and sweaty. The sun was hot, asphalt almost melting and the town was empty and the beaches were full of people.

So we decided to escape from this hot summer clichè organizing a two days base camp at Giacopiane lake, 75 Km far from Genova.

The team was made up by Stefano, Vito, Mattia and Alessandro with the cameras support of Francesco and Nicolò, two kick-ass shooters.

Quick briefing and bike checks , so we headed north through ligurian hinterland. The riding was fast and pretty flat until we reached the junction for the Giacopiane lake climb.

The uphill was insane, it looked liked never-ending. Killer switchbacks and gnarly gradients completed the recipe.

Luckily the climb was full of tree so we could get a break from the summer heat in the shadows.

Once we reached the top, the scenic panorama repaid all efforts. Green hills deployed all over in front of us and that typical smell of undergrowth was filling the air.

Once we choose the sleepover spot and tents were set, riders treated themselves with a dive in the fresh waters. Not so much time to rest as the fireplace was calling for wood and food.

Food supplies were on point (thank Fra and Nico) and a nice characoal bbq was the cherry on top.

Dusk colors were fading away and made room for a star-stuffed sky, a little romance between trap moves and loud speakers.

The night passed, we woke up early and packed all the stuff we rode back to Genova.