The 9th of April 2016, we organized our first event.

We decided to make a brakeless, fixed-gear checkpoint race on mixed terrain course (city, hills, mountain and gravel) with a total distance of 53  Km.

Many international riders decided to come and race.

We sent a couple of days before the .gpx track because we had a suggested route for the racers, but everyone was free to choose his best route.

There were 8 check points, all checkpoints had to be made in exact order from 1 to 8.


1. Wilis (Deluxe Cycles)  2. Chas (MASH)  3. Andrea Thedy (Verona)

1. Wilis (Deluxe Cycles)

2. Chas (MASH)

3. Andrea Thedy (Verona)

Here you can watch a nice video edit of the race from Daniele's GoPro.


Photo reportage from:

Nicolò Rombolotti

Biagio Anselmi

Silvia Galliani 

Some weeks later surfing on instagram we saw a sick post of Chas ( about a mini edit of his days spent in Riviera, have a look!

Here instead, you can read a report of the race on

See you next year!